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Bellevue WA Massage Therapist

Finding The Right Massage Therapist In Bellevue WA

Finding the right therapist for your needs can be a bit tricky. However with this helpful info, we hope to take some of the trial and error out of the process for you.

First, you might want to ask yourself what the purpose is for you, or what your goals are. Do you want a basic relaxation session, or do you have chronic injuries, sports related performance issues, repetitive use syndrome, or other common ailments.

Massage Trainings

Next you want to find the right therapist who can address your specific issues. Some massage therapists are trained in swedish massage, which is a lighter relaxing treatment. Other therapists are deep tissue, sports massage, medical massage, myofascial release therapy and more. You can read more about our services at our page here: Services

Massage Modalities

Finally, is the therapist someone you feel is aligned with your issues, and also trained in the right modalities to offer you the most effective treatment options. If you need deep work and the therapist specializes in lighter relaxation and swedish techniues, you may not get the type of results you are hoping for. However, if the opposite is true and you want a nice relaxing treatment you might not want to book a Myofascial Release Therapy treatment as it is not always as pleasant as a relaxation massage.

Shannon Currier Massage Therapist

Shannon Currier is a highly skilled and trained massage therapist in Bellevue WA. She treats a variety of clients from lighter relaxation to deeper treatments like Deep Tissue or Myofascial release. She also specializes in additional modalities such as Prenatal and also Lymphatic Drainage. Shannon will customize your treatment using her extensive training to get you the results you want. You can read more about Shannon on her bio page here: Shannon Bio. Finally you can also book appointments online at our Booking Page