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Self Care Allows You To Be Your Best For Others

Introduction To Self Care

In todays new age world of trendy holistic treatments it’s easy to forget our fundamental needs as human beings. If you are suffering any of the following it could be a indication you are in need of more self care strategies: booked calendar

  • An over booked calendar
  • Overwhelmed at work and or home
  • No time for exercise
  • Getting sick alot / low immune system
  • Stress and anxiety

These are all signs we need a break, time to slow down, decompress, and reset our body, mind, and spirits. Failing to recognize these symptoms can leave us feeling grumpy, and even resentful towards others.

Developing a healthy system to keep self care a priority has many benefits!

Here is a list:

Self Care Helps Create A Positive Mood

Thats right! Taking time for self care can promote a positive mood. If you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, it’s time to hit the reset button. While it can be hard to make time with an overwhelming amount of stress on our plates, failing to do so limits our perspective. Things that should be no big deal can seem amplified. Have you ever flown off the handle, snapped at a loved one, gotton angry in traffic, or simply felt alone? When our mindset is under distress it affects every part of our day. When we are rested, well fed, we’ve had exercise and relaxation, we are naturally more positive and little things don’t upset us!

Self Care Promotes A Higher Immune System

Self care results in a higher immune system. Once our systems start to get overloaded, they get run down. This leads to it taking so much more effort to do the same things we can normally accomplish with ease. Our bodies release cortisol, we end up in “fight or flight” mode more easily, and that affects our overall wellbeing as well as our immune system. Taking time for self care is an investment in yourself, and everyone that depends on you. Don’t skip!

Increased Productivity

If we let our own “battery” get run down, we just don’t have the energy to be our best. We can’t get as much done, and end up feeling like we are trying to keep our head above water. That is no way to live! On the other hand if we take time to recharge, and give ourselves the self care we need, we can in fact get more done. Have you ever heard the story about the 2 men heading into the forest to chop down trees? The first man goes at it wildly with all his might but doesn’t get much done. His axe is dull. The 2nd man sat down, and took the time to sharpen his axe. Once he started cutting, it went much faster and he got 4x more trees chopped. Moral of the story: Take a moment to sharpen your axe!

About The Author

Shannon Currier LMT is the owner of Restoration Massage Therapy LLC, located inside the Ohana Wellness Center at:

2340 130th Ave NE D200 Bellevue WA 98005

First, Shannon believes in helping others reset and restore to their natural state, and be their best! This is done with awareness, and affirmations that self care is a priority. As a mom herself, Shannon knows first hand about the importance of taking time for self care. Subsequently, she is passionate about helping others do the same!

If you or someone you know is in need, have them give us a call at

208 565 2510

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